The Consultation

After booking your portrait session, we will have a thirty minute consultation session.  During this time we will discuss and develop the plan for the portrait session in order to maximize our time together during the big day.  This consultation can take place in the studio, your home or by phone. 

If you are booking a Pet Portrait session, I highly encourage us meeting with the pets during the consultation.  This way I can get to know them and their unique qualities prior to our day of art creation. 


The Portrait Session

We will spend about sixty minutes together in the studio working on set.  For Pet Portrait sessions, I encourage a good walk or play session prior to arriving at the studio.  I keep plenty of tasty treats here in the studio so don't feel pressured to bring your own unless your pet has food allergies or dietary restrictions.  Special sweaters, bandanas or accessories are welcome.  

Once we complete the session, we will set up an appointment for you to come back to the studio and view your art work.  This is typically about 10-14 days after the portrait session is complete. 

Portrait Viewing Session

Together we will watch a slideshow set to music of your pet's portraits.  It can be an emotional experience because our love for our pets is unconditional.  

We will chose our favorite images and then work to build the printed art collection that best suits your wants and needs. By sending me a cell phone picture of the area in your home where you are wanting to display your art, I can show you what the different size options will look like right in your space. 

There is no minimum art order amount and I offer four different print collections with a starting cost of $75.



Printed Art Presention


This moment is a special time for me as an artist.  In a world of digital living, it is really something wonderful to hold art in your hands.  When I lay out the printed art for a client and then see their face light up when they enter the studio to see their pet's portrait collection, it is a moment I hold dear to my heart. 

If you are unable to come into the studio for the Printed Art Presentation, I will always work with you to deliver your art in a safe manner so nothing is damaged in the process.